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LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL! I love local and supporting here!!
Quite simply, your produce tastes so much better than what we find in the box grocery stores. No comparison.
Love, love, love, my weekly basket. I will NOT be growing my own veggies next summer. Too easy this way!!!!!
We thoroughly enjoy being part of your CSA. The freshness and intensity of the flavors is beyond comparison. You offer a great impact on our community.
This is one of the most incredible operations I’ve ever seen!

Slow Flowers

Guilford Gardens now offers local, sustainably grown Slow Flowers!

flowers2Zinnias, dahlias, iris and roses have long been favorite flowers at Guilford Gardens. This year we’re broadening our scope to grow over 25 different varieties of cut flowers at our farm. In partnership with Elia Woods & CommonWealth Urban Farms, we now offer single bouquets, Slow Flower coupons, and weekly or every-other-week season memberships.

More details can be found on CommonWealth’s website. Or click here to place your order. Guilford Gardens CSA members: we’ll deliver your bouquet for free when we deliver your weekly veggies!

Having helped start OKC’s own Slow Food Convivium, we’re proud to now be able to offer Slow Flowers to our community. Like Slow Food, the Slow Flowers movement indicates an appreciation of what is local, seasonal and sustainable, a desire to support small farmers and family farms, and an emphasis on quality of life rather than speed or quantity.

When you buy a bouquet at the store, it’s worth asking:

Who grew the flowers?

Did they receive a living wage?

Were the flowers shipped in from another country? What is their carbon footprint? 

What chemicals were sprayed on them?

We grow all the flowers for our Slow Flowers bouquets without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and we create our bouquets with what is in season. Many of our flowers are beloved favorites, such as snapdragons, sunflowers, and larkspur, while some are lesser known gems such as asiatic lilies and lisianthus.

Slow Flowers means taking the time to smell the daisies – and peonies and sweet peas and lilacs!