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We thoroughly enjoy being part of your CSA. The freshness and intensity of the flavors is beyond comparison. You offer a great impact on our community.
Quite simply, your produce tastes so much better than what we find in the box grocery stores. No comparison.
Love, love, love, my weekly basket. I will NOT be growing my own veggies next summer. Too easy this way!!!!!
This is one of the most incredible operations I’ve ever seen!
LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL! I love local and supporting here!!


Animals in the Kingdom: Episode 6 – Life in the Balance
KSBI Oklahoma City, Sunday, February 21, at 7:30 AM

Episode 6 Life in the Balance from Paul Kirbas on Vimeo.

Growing at Guilford Gardens
6/21/14-In this segment Oklahoma Gardening host Kim Toscano visits Kamala Gamble at Gilford Gardens, a CSA located in the suburbs of Oklahoma City. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a partnership between growers and customers.

Innovative Growing at Guilford Gardens
6/21/14-As with any grower, Kamala Gamble is always searching for simple solutions to increase productivity on the farm. While many growers use greenhouses and hoop houses to produce off-season vegetables, Kamala puts her hoop house to a different use.

Ludivine Restaurant: Jonathon takes a quick tour of Kamala Gamble’s residential organic farm located in the Nichols Hills area of Oklahoma City.